• Note: All CANCON 2022 tickets are non-refundable

Shooter Tickets

Entry tickets for a specific day that include a certain amount of Lane Tickets together in a package.

Entry-Only Tickets

Provide entry into the event only. Visitors with Entry-Only tickets will need to purchase Lane Tickets at the event if they wish to shoot at one of the lanes.

Lane Tickets

One Lane Ticket can be exchanged at a shooting lane for one test shooting experience at a shooting lane. The amount of ammunition per experience is determined by the lane operator. Visitors must queue at each lane to get a turn for their experience and surrender a Lane Ticket to the lane operator. Lane tickets or turns cannot be combined to increase the amount of ammunition per experience.

VIP Tickets **Currently Sold Out**

VIP tickets are currently sold out. Join the CANCON newsletter for more information. The VIP Ticket provides entry into CANCON for all 3 days. VIP Ticket holders do not need to hold Lane Tickets to shoot at any lane (however VIP ticket holders must still queue for all lanes). Each VIP ticket holder will also receive a swag pack containing gear valued at $500. VIP Ticket Holders are also invited to the exclusive industry-only after-hours night shoot on Saturday night featuring night vision optics, tracers and a unique after-dark shooting experience.


In order to gain admission to CANCON 2022, everyone over 12 years of age needs a Shooter Ticket or Entry-Only Ticket for the specific day they wish to enter the event whether they are shooting or not.

Once inside the event, there will be approximately 50 Shooting Lanes featuring different suppressed firearms including rifles, shotguns, and handguns of all kinds. In order to shoot a firearm in a shooting lane, attendees will need to exchange one Lane Ticket with the lane operator. Each Lane Operator will determine how many rounds will be available per Lane use turn. The number of rounds available per turn may vary from lane to lane, and from firearm to firearm. Once you have expended the prescribed amount of rounds your turn is over, and you will need to rejoin the Lane queue and expend an additional Lane Ticket to shoot at that Lane again.

Lane Tickets are pre-purchased along with Shooter Tickets in a package. There are 3 package levels that provide the buyer with one Shooter Ticket (admission) to the event and either 10, 20, or 50 Lane Tickets.

Only 1 Lane Ticket may be redeemed for use per turn. Lane Tickets or turns may not be combined to increase the number of rounds made available to a single shooter during a single turn.

Additional Lane Tickets will be available for purchase at the event for $10 each. Lane tickets are non-refundable. All pre-purchased tickets must be used on the day they are purchased for. Lane Tickets are NOT event entry tickets. Unused Lane Tickets may be used on another day as long as the ticket holder purchases an event entry ticket for that day.

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